Basketball Quarter Betting Strategy

Dogon is also actively used as an element of other strategies. For example, in betting on quarters in basketball. The strategy is based on the hypothesis that in a single match a team rarely loses all quarters at once.

Players bet on the underdog to win in the quarter. If the coefficient is too low or high, you can take a head start. If you lose, the size of the bet for the next quarter is doubled. And so on until the bet wins. If the last quarter in the match does not bring profit, you should continue to catch up with the winning quarter in a new match.

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Experienced players are advised to bet on teams that do not have a long losing streak in the quarters, and choose matches without too clear an advantage in favor of the favorite. Like any catch-up strategy, betting on quarters in basketball is dangerous because a losing streak can drag on and force you to bet too much to make up for losses.

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